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Third Month of Your Pregnancy

Week 12


An embryo resembles a human being more and more, though his head is still disproportionately big compared with his body and his limbs are too small. As the inner organs have already been formed and are functioning now, the embryo is not so much subjected to infection and medical treatments. Blood and urinary systems are functioning. A baby can urinate. Liver produces bile. Genitals are formed already but it is still hard to identify sex. The eyelids are formed; they close the eyes now. Lobes of the have ears appeared. The limbs, fingers and toes are formed. There are nails on the fingers and toes. The muscles are developing, which is why the embryo is moving more and more. The embryo can bend the thumb and clench his fist. The muscles of the mouth work; the baby creases his lips, opens and shuts the mouth. He can suck and swallow liquid that is around him. His length is 6, 5 cm. Weight: 18 gr.


You are noticing that the unpleasant feelings of the first pregnancy weeks are disappearing gradually. As a rule, this is the time for the first visit to the maternity ward.

New sensations:


Morning sickness is disappearing. You feel better now. Vesical tenesma are more seldom than in the beginning of pregnancy. Excitability and irritability caused by hormonal change may still be happening. The number of noticeable veins on the belly and breasts increases. Constipation may take place, because of the deceleration of intestine work during pregnancy. But your appetite grows. Your lungs, kidneys and heart work more intensely, as the blood circulation in your body intensifies.


The way you look:


Your appearance has not changed considerably. Your breasts have become swollen and sensible. You may have gained 10% of all the weight you are to gain in the course of pregnancy.


What you should do:


Buy a good support bra. Vary your nourishment; there should be fresh useful foods in your diet. Avoid constipation – drink more water and have foods rich in fiber. Try to have meals often and take small amounts of food each time. Do not eat while walking. Avoid food causing abdominal swelling: cabbage, onions, fried dishes, sugar.


If you have headaches, try to avoid anesthetics. It is better to try the following:


  • do not work too much (stress is one of the reasons for headaches);
  • take meals regularly (hunger can cause migraine);
  • air the apartment;
  • take cold and hot compresses;
  • if you are suffering from migraines, exclude chocolate, cheese, coffee, red wine from your diet.


Try to prevent pangs by lying in a dark cool room with a cold compress on your forehead. But discuss your headaches with the doctor, as these pangs of pain can be a symptom of serious pregnancy complications.


Visit a dentist. Tell your boss you are expecting a baby. Visit the maternity hospital. Consult the doctor about preparing your breasts for the lactation period. Do special exercises regularly. Walk fast. Enroll in the course for future mothers.

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