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The Last Weeks of Your Pregnancy

Week 40


Now you feel awkward. You want to give a birth and it won’t be long before you do.


Your baby:


The initial lanugo has disappeared; just a bit of it is still on the shoulders, arms and legs. Vernix caseosa either covers the whole body or is only in the skin folds. There is meconium – initial excrement accumulated in the intestine. The baby’s length is 51 cm, weight is 3, 4 gr.


New sensations:

Any movement requires great effort. There is a heavy feeling in the lower part of the stomach. The cervix becomes softer as it prepares for childbirth. False labor pains become more frequent and it may seem like labor is starting. But these false labor pains aren’t regular.


The way you look:


Your belly’s skin is stretched and it itches. The belly becomes really big and it isn’t easy to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Perhaps you feel some pricking and pain in your legs. You may loose a bit of weight be week 40. It will mean that your child will be born in the next 10 days.


What you should do:


The last days of your pregnancy should be used to rest. If your baby is kicking less than 10 times a day, ask the doctor to listen to your baby’s heart; there may be some disorder. If false labor pains come too quickly, begin respiratory exercises. Do not worry if the baby is born a bit late. One or two weeks after the supposed date is the norm.


Weight gain during pregnancy:


Baby – 3,5 kg


Placenta – 0,7 kg


Amniotic fluid – 0,9 kg


Uterus growth – 1,0 kg


Breasts – 0,5 kg


Uterus blood volume – 1,2 kg


Cell fluid – 1,5 kg


Fat tissue – 3,5 kg


Total gain – 12,8 kg

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