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The Eighth Month of Your Pregnancy

Week 32


You need more rest. Find time to sleep in the afternoon – you are tired of your burden and the expectations of everything connected with pregnancy. It is time to attend prospective mothers’ courses and keep on doing so until childbirth. The baby is completely formed already. Hypodermic fat is accumulated and very soon your child will become a sweet infant.

Your baby:


He is distinguishing between light and darkness. It becomes tight in the uterus and perhaps he has turned his head down preparing for the birth. His length is 40.5 cm, the weight is 1.6 kg.


New sensations:


The baby is growing and pressing on your inner organs causing breathlessness and frequent urination. Cases of incontinence are normal when you run, cough, sneeze or laugh. Your sleep is uneasy. The pelvic floor is stretching, preparing for the birth causing uncomfortable feelings. All the symptoms you have had before are still there (whites, constipation, headaches, heart burn or indigestion, nose bleeding and stuffiness in ear, gum bleeding, pains in the back and legs spasms, varix, foremilk drain), though there are lucky women who don’t have any of these symptoms.


The way you look:


A dark line running down your belly is becoming more noticeable. Your navel is gradually stretching and becomes flat, but it will be inside again after childbirth. There arise painful sensations in hypochondrium due to the uterus pressure.


What you should do:


Rest 1-2 hours a day. Hold your legs in a horizontal position. If you don’t sleep well, do relaxing exercises before going to bed; try to sleep on your left side, bending one of the legs and put a pillow under it. Sleep disturbance in this pregnancy period is common and should not scare you. Keep doing exercises for the pelvic floor muscles, especially if you suffer from incontinence. Attend prospective mothers’ courses. Start to buy things for a newborn baby. Buy for the length 60 cm. Do not forget about bonnets and bathing things: a big towel with a hood and a small one for changing diapers. Think of the other necessary things: a bed, a mattress, a blanket, a small bath, a stand to go into it, a board or rug for swaddling, diapers, soft sides for the bed.


Your belly’s shape:


The same way you cannot find two women with the same figures, it is impossible to find two identical bellies. The shape and the size of your belly during pregnancy depends on many factors: whether you are tall or short, plump or skinny, with wide bones or small ones. The baby’s size does not depend on your belly’s size either. A small woman with small and low belly can give a birth to a big baby and vice versa. Only the doctor can estimate your child’s development and state.

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