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Advice for Pregnant Women

What should you do while being pregnant?


  • first of all, follow your instincts. If you want the fetus to grow normally, be physically active. You should move a lot. If the mother’s heart works actively, the child receives more of the useful substances which her blood contains.

But be careful:


  • to be active doesn’t mean to be fond of parachute jumping or to become a rock-climber;
  • don’t love yourself more than earlier, pregnancy is not an illness;
  • keep fit and pay attention to your appearance (eyes, lips, chicks, nails, hair-do…) and don’t think that now your husband will stay with you forever;
  • don’t do a lot of sun tanning and don’t forget about hats.
  • use less aerosols (deodorants, hairspray). Generally try to use less chemicals (detergent, mineral fertilizers).
  • work and study have great positive meaning as they give you a chance to think less about pregnancy;
  • keep in mind: each infection is really dangerous for a fetus. Of course it’s very difficult not to catch a cold during 9 months, but try to prevent it by avoiding places with a lot of people. The most dangerous virus for a pregnant woman is German measles, which influences a fetus badly. Avoid visiting children hospitals. Don’t eat products which may cause diarrhea (be careful with the food you eat and don’t forget to wash your hands);
  • don’t treat any illness yourself, such as a heavy cold or indigestion, with the help of various pills;
  • don’t travel a lot during the last months of pregnancy. A plane or a train is not the best alternative to a maternity hospital.


A special question concerns different sets of exercises for pregnant women. A woman who is ready to do exercises regularly will find time to buy or borrow a book written by specialists.


It’s important, nevertheless, to understand that all exercises are secondary compared to the importance of lifestyle (fresh air, physical activity). It’s strange, but I often face the situation when a future mother lies on the sofa for 12 hours, does some exercise for 15 minutes, then rests for another 11 hours and 45 minutes. This should not be considered an effective lifestyle to be ready for childbirth.

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