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Changes During the First Month of Pregnancy

A woman whose pregnancy has just been verified is experiencing a splash of sensations. Confusion, joy, fright, uncertainty, and happiness are all common emotions. If a baby was a wish for a really long time, then the main thing she feels is infinite happiness and anxiety for her future child. She questions how to behave now, what to do to make her baby feel good, and how not to hamper his active growth and development.


Feel joy.


If your future child is the first, then enjoy the apparent necessity to take care of yourself. Care of yourself is closely connected with care of your future child.

Think of your new state. You are pregnant! God gave you such happiness! Now you will be waiting for the realization of this miracle and, in the process, feel the joy of every single day.


Get used to changes.


Your breast changes


One of the first changes indicating the beginning of pregnancy is the change of the breasts. Your breasts have become swollen, soft, and sensitive due to the increased amount of estrogen and progesterone produced by your body (the same mechanism takes place before your period when you feel the changes of your breasts, but these changes are more obvious when you become pregnant).


These changes are not emerging by chance; they all prepare a woman for the coming maternity. However, if they are less evident during the second half of the pregnancy (as it is often happens), it does not imply less capability to nursing.


Besides the above-mentioned changes, there are further changes that occur in the breasts.


A thin rim (the colored surface around the mammilla) becomes darker, larger, and can have spots on it. The spots may brighten after childbirth but will not disappear completely.


You may also spot small knots on the rim or on the sebaceous glands, which will become more noticeable in the course of pregnancy and will later return to their normal shape. The venous network crossing the breasts is easily seen on lighter skin. It forms nourishment- delivering roots in the mother-child system. This phenomenon does not take place for a long time, and after childbirth the skin becomes the shape it used to be before pregnancy.


If your breasts have enlarged before pregnancy and have become smaller a bit later on, call your doctor immediately.


Frequent urination


Women experience frequent urination during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy.


One of the factors causing the increase in urination is the enlarged amount of liquid in the body, and also the work of the kidneys which remove harmful products of the mother’s changes.


Another factor is the increased uterus pressure on the urinary bladder. This pressure decreases by the fourth month of pregnancy when the uterus is growing towards the abdominal cavity center.


A bow forward during urination can free the bladder completely. If you get up too often at night, try to limit your intake of liquids after 4 p.m. However, you should not limit it any other time.


Liquid taking norm:


About 8 glasses a day, which is approximately 2 liters.


Excessive salivation


Excessive salivation is called ptyalism. It is an unpleasant phenomenon, but not harmful at all. Fortunately, it will disappear after the first few months of pregnancy. It is characteristic of women experiencing sickness in the morning and is likely to be the reason for it. There is no special treatment, but brushing your teeth with a mint toothbrush and rinsing your mouth with mint water or mint chewing gum can provide relief from a dry mouth.


Sickness (early toxicosis)

As a rule, a pregnant woman usually suffers from sickness and vomits in the morning. By the third or fourth month (sometimes earlier) these things disappear.


It is good to have:


  • a slice of rye bread, or
  • some dried fruits, or
  • some nuts before you leave the bed. It really helps. It is also important not to rise from your bed too quickly.


If you already have children


If there are already children in your family, the future mother of a new baby will have to distribute her attention among them. But you should remember that pregnancy is not the time to be a “super mom”.


Providing necessary rest is of great importance


It is more important than cooking or keeping your house clean -- these things take too much time. If, after a walk with your children and dinner, you are falling asleep you definitely should have a nap. And please, do not think of it as pampering yourself. You will do all the necessary things

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