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Exercises and Care For Your Eyes

Tired, dull eyes and inflamed eyelids

can spoil the charm of a even very beautiful face, but clear bright eyes

will make quite an ordinary face wonderful.


Hours of reading, bad light, working with tiny objects, watching TV,

a lack of sleep and carelessly cleaned mascara can intensify the

tiredness of the eyes.



It is necessary to take care of your eyes daily. It

is possible to clean up your make up in different ways.

But it is better to use a special make-up removal cream.

Boiled oil and cosmetic milk or cream will be also of good use.



After taking your make-up off, wash your face first with warm


and then with cool water. Everyday bathing of your eyes

with strong tea will take tiredness of the eyes and redness of

the eyelids away.




and daisy eye-lotions (one spoon of herbs per glass of

boiled water) will preserve the brightness of your eyes and clean them

from the make-up. Cool this herbal potion to room temperature, filter

it, wet small wads of cotton wool and keep them on the eyes for 10 min.

If you tend to have eye-lid swelling, parsley, dill or mint lotions will

be useful (see the previous instructions).



Once or twice a week you should use special masks for

eye-lid skin made from raw potato. They are especially useful if there

are bags under the eyes. Take small pieces of gauze, 4x4 cm each. Wash

a potato, peel it, wash it again and then grate it properly. Wring the

paste out, put some on the napkin and keep it on the eyes for 10 min.

After that, put on some nutrient face-cream. for 30 min, and then blot

it with a paper napkin.



For those who have wrinkles near the eyes because of

habitually screwing up their eyes, we advise you to use a mask out of

wheat bread that isn’t very fresh and has no crust. It should be

soaked with warm milk. Keep this mask on your eyelids for about 10-15

min. After taking it away, put on some nutrient face-cream. This mask

is very effective if you use it regularly for the whole month.



Some special exercises,

which strengthen eye-muscles, will help your eyes as well. You can do

them at any time of the day.



  1. Close your eyes properly, count to 5, then quickly open them wide and count again to 5. Do this exercise 35 times.
  2. Blink your eyes with the maximum speed, counting to 10. At the end of counting, close your eyes tight, have a pause of 2-3 seconds, open your eyes.
  3. Roll your eyes from the left to the right and from the right to the left, each twice. After a short pause repeat the exercise 3-5 times.


If your eyes feel tired because of reading or strained

work, the following exercise will be helpful. Stand by the window, look

at a far away object. Then quickly look at the glass of the window near

your eyes, then again at the object that is out of the window.



Exercises done several times a day will be of great benefit make your

eyes stronger.


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