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Advice For Women in A Long Distance Relationship

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A long distance relationship is not easily handled by many. Those who are already in this kind of relationship know very well how much hard work and commitment is required to maintain such a relationship.

Having your partner by your side in sad and happy moments is a challenge in itself, but what if he is far away and you need him direly. With the passage of time, you start losing interest in your relationship and you start feeling the need to have someone who can always be with you. If you have also started feeling this way, then here is some useful advice which can keep the spark in your long distance relationship.



Trust is necessary for any kind of relationship, but if you are in a long distance relationship, you need to work harder. Stop suspecting your partner. Even if you hear from his friends that he is having new friends and meeting new people, do not feel jealous and suspicious. Try to sort it out through communication.




Try to communicate and stay connected with each other. Schedule a time when you can call each other. This will also create a habit of staying connected with each other at the same time everyday.



If you are away from your partner due to your job, then also give priority to your relationship. But that does not mean that you should neglect your work altogether. Try to keep a balance between the two.


Enjoying common interests

Even if you are doing your things separately, this will help you in staying connected in some way. For example, if you like watching movies, watch the same movie on the same day separately at your own places. Next day, talk about the movie and enjoy. Another interesting option is to stay on the phone while you both watch the movie to comment, laugh, and cry together.


Try to visit

Make efforts to visit each other frequently. This may not be possible, especially if your partner is working at an international destination. But try to meet whenever possible.


Being in this kind of relationship should not make your life stressful. Stop thinking about the drawbacks, and focus on the brighter aspects. The joy of seeing your partner after a long time is joyful in its own terms.


Marina Kutuzov
by Marina Kutuzov

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