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Sexual Styles and Preferences

Our sex style is formed under the influence of our inner specifics and other factors and is not always optimal. Unfortunately, it is hard to break our usual sex style.


How am I in bed? Is my sexual style all right with my partner? Most likely you have thought about these things, but the complexity of the subject makes it hard to answer these questions. When thinking about this, you can’t do it without deep comparative analysis.


It is not a topic discussed for fun. Your happiness in family life depends on how your sex style matches with your partner’s. By the way, men are less picky in this case. According to statistics, 77% of men consider their partner’s way of having sex satisfactory. They tend to adapt to the sex style dictated by the woman and don’t suffer from excess criticism. Women appeared to be more demanding; 59% of women are not satisfied with the sex style of their partner. It proves that women with their intuition and sensitivity are more likely to adjust their behavior to the men’s sex style. It is important to avoid extremes and listen to the wishes of body.


  1. Conservative style.
    You, following nice, old traditions, have sex with your husband in the way he wants. Dominative role of a male doesn’t bother you (well, maybe just a little bit - in the back of your mind). If, however, this sex style satisfies you both, with time it will become routine. You will feel unhappy and your husband will look for more emancipated woman.
    There is a solution.
    Gradually try to bring you sexual fantasies to life. Most likely you have been thinking about changing a position or other times of the day when you could have sex. Sexual scenarios are not something constant and unchangeable; it can and must be changed. Of course, your husband will be surprised by your initiative but gladly surprised. Men are more likely to enjoy sexual diversity, but it takes them more effort to suggest changes, especially when they really love their wife. It is easier for them to look for diversity outside the family than to break the stereotype of intimacy with their wife.
  2. Cold style.
    You think that sex is an annoying thing and make love without getting any satisfaction. Such unnatural behavior is hard to name as any type of style. It seems more like a diagnosis – frigidity, for example. It can be justified if your partner is awful and your sexuality is completely depressed. But look deep inside: sometimes coldness is the result of laziness.
    There is a solution.
    Most likely, you need to change your partner, but you should visit a sexologist first. When he finds out the reason for your disinterest in sex, it will be clear what to do next. If the problem is that your partner can’t turn you on, then change him, or teach how to make you feel horny. If the problem is with you, changing your partner will not help, you have to work with yourself first.
  3. Advanced style.
    You are not a whore, you just have an advanced view on sex (and not only sex), and are used to complete sexual self-expression. You don’t tend to suppress your nature, acquiring unnecessary complexes. Most likely the problem is that your partner doesn’t fully understand your advanced style.
    There is a solution.
    There are more men out there that have a broader view of sex than women. That’s why it should not take too much time to find a new partner.
  4. Business style.
    You know what you want in bed and always make it clear to your, partner. That’s good but the way it is said can be pretty cold and doesn’t imply consensus. Subconscious stereotypes that a man is the leader in sex bothers your partner because it doesn’t connect your behavior and his wishes, making him feel angry and making him try to suppress you.
    There is a solution.
    Of course it is good that you know how to get satisfaction and don’t conceal it from your partner, but you will get what you want sooner if you play a smart game. Particularly, any man is easier to be convinced, seduced, or smarted out than to be forced to do certain things in bed.
  5. Romantic style.
    You like romantic, beautiful intimacy: the sea, slow stripping, long foreplay, passionate words. Most men also like this, but not more than

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