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Determine Your Skin Type

  • I usually tan evenly. N
  • My skin looks thin and clear. R
  • I always wash with soap and water. N
  • When I pluck my eyebrows, the skin remains red for quite a while.


  • When there’s a very important evening or meeting ahead of me,

    I often get acne or a cold sore. S

  • It’s very obvious when I’ve had a sleepless night. R
  • I can’t work without a moisturizing conditioner. T
  • My skin is oilier in summer than it is in winter. M
  • My skin has done perfectly well with only a cream. N
  • When I use a light daily cream, my skin gets very dry on the cheeks.


  • Here’s

    the interpretation:

    • You have more T’s? Your skin type is dry.
    • You have more N’s? You have normal skin.
    • You have more F’s? You have oily skin.
    • You have more M’s? You have mixed type skin.
    • You have more R’s? You have mature skin.
    • You have more S’s? Your skin is sensitive.

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