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Characteristics Of An Ideal Man

A lot of people believe in soul mates and often wonder where their soul mates are. What’s my ideal man/woman like?

Any woman dreams of a perfect lover with whom she can experience the passion of love for the first time, but according to most women, such lovers are extremely rare to meet (at a ratio of one to a thousand). So the chances that your husband will be an ideal lover are slim. Still, they exist. How can we spot a superman in a crowd of ordinary men?


  • An ideal man handles a woman’s breast with care; he never pulls or squeezes them because he’s against force and all for passionate kisses and tender bites.
  • An ideal man never interrupts a make-out session to answer his phone or switch TV channels.
  • An ideal man understands that his charm isn’t in the size of his organ, but in his sincere feeling towards a woman.
  • Creativity and diversity in sex are great, but an ideal lover realizes that his partner isn’t a circus dancer.
  • An ideal man doesn’t make love only at night as he realizes that his woman is tired after a long, hectic day and needs a good rest. Morning sex is great as the body is rested and the body temperature is high enough to increase sensitivity.


An ideal lover is gentle, patient, and attentive to all your needs, gestures, and words. He lavishes beautiful words on you -- not just before sex, but during it and after it as well. He looks at you as if there are no other women in the world, and this makes you the most beautiful and desirable. He likes all of you: your hair, lips, neck, knees, and toes. His every glance is meaningful, and your heart pounds and invisible wings take you up to the sky. You can feel blue, but never bored with him.

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