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Examining Your Current Career

There is a great deal of work to be finished and the days are passing into weeks, months, and years. It's really hard to identify if you are moving towards a bright future or not because of the number of days you work. Glamour is, as always, trying to help you with their advice.


You are on the right track if:


You wake up with the first ring of your alarm-clock.


If it's 8 o'clock in the morning and you're leaving the house with a light step while impatiently awaiting the beginning of your workday, it's a sure sign that you like your job.


Your colleagues never leave you in peace.


It was only six months ago when your boss always forgot your name, but now he or she remembers even your phone extension. Your colleagues don't leave you in peace either - somebody asks you to translate a text from English and another one wants to tell you some news. Every company has a person who solves problems without any difficulties and can get everything done quickly. Be proud of such a role - you are an indispensable employee. But don't forget about yourself and don't be ashamed to ask for a raise in your salary.

Your boss puts up money for your education.


Your superiors send you to different conferences and exhibitions, and different business trainers teach you effective time-management and problem solving skills. It's not just additional hours, but it testifies that the company has a high opinion of you and they are ready to invest money in you.


It's time to change your job, if:


Within the last several months you didn't do anything special and your job became a routine.


It's good when you complete important tasks at your job, but sometimes you want to try different tasks. If your job has become a routine for you lately, and you want to try some new tasks, don't hesitate to tell your boss about it. Unrealized potential of an employee is a reproach to an employer.


How to help your friend to find a job:


You are sure he or she is a good professional.


In this case, you can easily give him or her good recommendations. Special talent must not be inactive.


You don't know if he or she is good at work.


Speak honestly with your boss about it, but add that you have no doubts in his or her personal qualities. Be honest with your boss and with your friend.

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